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Funnel charts show how data is filtered across multiple stages of a process or project. The values decrease gradually, forming the shape of a funnel. The last stage is the final result of the entire activity.

Infogram is a free chart maker tool to create effective and engaging funnel charts. 

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Create a Funnel Chart


When to Use a Funnel Chart

Funnel charts are commonly used in sales, marketing, human resources, and project management to:

  • Show relationships among multiple groups
  • Show the number of prospects at each stage of a sales process
  • Track the progress of marketing campaigns
  • Illustrate shortlisted candidates for recruitment
  • Identify potential problem areas in a process

How to Create a Funnel Chart with Infogram

  1. Log in to Infogram
  2. Select Funnel from the chart menu
  3. Upload or copy and paste your data
  4. Customize labels, colors, and fonts
  5. Download your chart as an image or embed on your website

Funnel Chart Best Practices

  • Highlight each stage with different colors that are easy to compare
  • Label each stage of the funnel for readability
  • Scale the size of each stage so the differences are clear


Create a Funnel Chart