Dashboards are a great way to visualize and track key performance indicators (KPI) and metrics related to your business, department, or project. With Infogram’s dashboard maker you can connect your data and make better decisions. Check out our dashboard examples for inspiration.

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Dashboards are used for information management to provide an overview of a company's key performance indicators (KPIs). Dashboards organize, store, and display essential information from various data sources so that it's easier to identify trends, draw parallels, and see the big picture. Whether it’s your company, a specific department, or project – dashboards are the go-to tools for collecting data and making better business decisions.

Why not just use several reports? When using dashboards, it's far easier to visualize and understand your data because you can use tables, charts, and maps to measure performance. And with Infogram's dashboard maker, you can create effective dashboards for your team or clients in minutes.

Why use dashboards

There are many benefits to incorporating dashboards into the way you communicate important information. For example, you can:

  • Track important business metrics
  • Report data to clients and stakeholders
  • Spot performance problems early on
  • Save time by having all the information in one place

What's more – with mobile devices and tablets on the rise, you can quickly share your data dashboards to people and teams that matter for the specific project anytime, anywhere.

Best dashboard examples

With Infogram's easy-to-use dashboard maker, you can create powerful visualizations that make a positive impact on your business' success.

Looking for inspiration? Get started by browsing our ready-made designer dashboard templates. Find your favorite dashboard sample, then add charts, tables, images, text, and other elements to your project. Or start from scratch with a blank template and let your imagination run wild.

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