Twitter posts

Twitter posts are messages posted to Twitter containing text, photos, a GIF, or videos. Adding visuals to your tweets is the easiest way to gain a following on Twitter. Create retweet-worthy visuals for your Twitter posts with Infogram.

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A Twitter post is a 280-character status update on Twitter, otherwise known as a "tweet”. Tweets are often accompanied by articles, videos, GIFs, and images. Your tweet can be seen by anyone who has chosen to follow your Twitter profile.

Here are the most popular categories of images on Twitter:

  • Humor
  • Food
  • Travel

Quotes are also a popular format published on Twitter, so you can create image-based quotes incorporating your business logo for brand awareness.

Why you need Twitter posts

Twitter can be a very helpful platform if you want to share your thoughts, opinions, and other valuable content in a concise form; grow a following; and attract customers for your business.

On Twitter, images perform much better than videos, getting 128% more retweets.

How to create a Twitter post

Humor is a big thing on Twitter as it helps to humanize business and enterprise accounts. After all, it's much easier to build affection towards a company when it actually feels human and relatable.

Come up with creative ways to infuse your business or personal brand with humor to maximize branding and design efforts.

As for the design part, start by logging in to Infogram. Choose the Twitter post format and browse our vast library of designer-made templates or create your own post from scratch. Customize your Twitter post by adding images, text, icons, and other elements in our easy-to-use editor. Finally, download your post and tweet it online.

Best Twitter post examples

At Infogram, we've created an easy-to-use tool that helps anyone create eye-catching tweets in minutes. No design experience is required.

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