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Presentations are a great way to communicate and show a certain topic to your audience. With Infogram you can design eye-catching slides that captivate attention and engage people right from the start. Explore our impressive portfolio of examples for inspiration.

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Slides are ways of communicating ideas and information to your audience. Depending on the subject, the best and most effective presentations will consist of 10 to 12 slides to get your idea across. In the case of more complex topics, you might need more slides to communicate your message.

Start with an eye-catching presentation template with visually appealing slides examples to help you capture people's attention and engage them in your topic from the get-go - no matter how difficult the message.

What makes good slides

If you want your presentation to make sense to your audience, it needs to contain several important elements.

First, you need to have good content. Collect all the information that's necessary to clarify the topic. Just don't go overboard with the amount of information - there's a limit to how much content the audience can absorb.

This brings us to the second important aspect - the structure of your slides. Your presentation must be sequenced and paced. It should also have a logical beginning, middle, and end.

Last, but not least - the packaging. Your presentation must be well prepared, and your slides should be organized. Remember to use high-quality graphics and a visual theme to keep a unified style.

Get started with Infogram

This is where Infogram steps in as the go-to tool for creating powerful slides. With our one-stop slides maker, you can easily build a powerful presentation while keeping it simple and accessible.

Add infographics, pictures, text, and other elements. Customize your presentation to fit your tone of voice. To save time, reuse slides examples from presentations you've created previously. Browse our impressive portfolio of presentation slides examples for inspiration and start creating.