How to Embed Charts on a Website

How to Embed Charts and Maps Onto Your Website or Blog

You can embed Infogram charts, maps, and infographics on a webpage using the embed feature. Our charts are fully responsive by default which means they automatically adapt and are optimized to mobile devices of any screen size.

Watch the video tutorial below and learn how to embed your data visualizations with a simple copy and paste.

Only 2 Steps for Embedding:

  1. Copy the HTML code we provide. We recommend you to use the responsive script.
  2. Paste the code in the text editor of your CMS, or any other interface that allows you to write HTML. 

More Information about embedding options.

Embed Charts to AMP pages

You can embed infogram projects in AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).  Learn more on our AMP support page

amp ready charts


Embed Charts to Medium

In your Medium post, start by adding a new paragraph. Click on the + button, enter the public URL you’ve copied from Infogram in the <> field, and press enter. You’ll see your chart appear right before your eyes!

You can also connect your charts with live, real-time data from Google Sheets and other cloud data sources.

Infogram is committed to providing the best experience for any device and making content to load as quickly as possible.