Create a Timer - Cont-Up and Count-Down Timers

Create customizable countdown or count-up timers in minutes. Infogram’s timers are easy to make and can be embedded on your website or blog. 

Timers help build anticipation and pique your viewer’s interest. They also encourage engagement and drive action.

Infogram is a free tool to create interactive countdown or count-up timers that measure years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.


Create a Timer


When to Use a Timer

Timers are commonly used in marketing, sales, project management, and education to:

  • To create a sense of urgency
  • To announce sales and promotions
  • To remind people about upcoming events
  • To boost productivity at work
  • To remind students of assignment due dates
  • To manage projects effectively

How to Create a Timer with Infogram

  1. Log in to Infogram
  2. Select the chart type Timer
  3. Choose which timer you’d like to make: Countdown, Count-up, or Date
  4. Set up a date, time period, and customize the color
  5. Embed interactive timer on your website


Create a Timer