Infogram Customer Spotlight: Social Media Report Infographics at GTB

Infogram Customer Spotlight: Social Media Report Infographics at GTB

We love helping our customers succeed and sharing their stories. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the most engaging tales of data visualization success from our customers for this series: Infogram Customer Spotlight. From the classroom, to the newsroom, to the boardroom — this is how real people are using Infogram to change the way they visualize data.

In this piece, we chat with Hugo King from GTB, who works across digital and social media projects for GTB’s primary client, Ford of Europe.

GTB is a global creative services advertising agency that prides itself on inspired thinking, data-driven decision making, and expert execution. They conceptualize and deliver innovative marketing communications that help their clients make an impact around the world.


Hugo’s job is to craft activity which helps creative reach a wider audience, across multiple markets. He delivers strategies that compel people to take meaningful action on social media channels; whatever gets people to engage with the brand by calling, clicking, commenting, or sharing.

Marketing campaigns and social media analytics track copious amounts of data. GTB felt limited by the charting tools available through the Office Suite, which is why they turned to Infogram to transform their raw numbers into insight. “We searched for a tool that could enable us to produce easy-to-understand infographics using branded templates. Infogram was the only sensible choice,” Hugo explained.

GTB was drawn to Infogram’s easy-to-use editor and interactive capabilities. They began to create infographics and reports to summarize social media campaign results for their senior business audience. Then they started sharing their work both internally and externally, with Infogram. They were impressed with the feedback they received.

"With Infogram, we’ve been able to share successes and lessons through the intuitive infographics we produce. This has helped people appreciate and understand our social media projects across our internal and client teams."

The social media landscape is constantly evolving, and the amount of data available to analyze continues to grow as new capabilities emerge. In order to effectively blend data, media, advertising, technology and creative – it’s important to be able to understand crucial insights quickly in a visually engaging way.

Hugo and his team have found Infogram to be an invaluable tool. “It’s critical that we understand, and are able to communicate, the performance of our work in order to share wins and find opportunities for improvement. Tools like Infogram, that help us visualize the complex data we track, are critical for overall understanding and awareness.”

We’ve re-created an Infogram infographic similar to the projects Hugo designs for GTB: